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Born on Dec. 9th 1986, SJ6 grew up listening to all genres of music but was drawn to and fell in love with Hip Hop from the very first time he heard it. He lived in many different places while growing up such as Alaska, New York, Alabama, and Tennessee. At the age of 19, he joined the US Army where he completed basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky. He also completed advanced individual training (AIT) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas specializing in medical logistics.

SJ6 was later stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany which allowed him to visit The United Kingdom, France, and other countries throughout Europe. During his tour in Germany, he continued to cultivate his craft by collaborating with other artists from different backgrounds & cultures. Subsequent to leaving the military, he resided in Alaska and Alabama before finally settling in Georgia.

As a socially conscious Hip Hop artist, SJ6 feels compelled to share his life experiences through his gift of music to connect with listeners, to inspire, and to help build opportunities that will allow others to live their dreams while living his.


Music coming soon!

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